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Sprout for Computer and Software Companies

Strengthen your social connections

Sprout’s all-in-one social management solution provides computer and software companies with the publishing, engagement and analytics tools they need to build meaningful relationships with their audiences on social.

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The tough sell of tech on social

The tough sell of tech on social

Social strategy is never easy, but computer and software companies have unique challenges:

  • Creating compelling content about often complex, technical topics
  • Offering personalized experiences to a diverse and demanding audience
  • Proving ROI with muddled data and a complex sales cycle

3 out of 4 B2B buyers use social media to help make purchase decisions.

Source: LinkedIn

72% of buyers expect vendor companies to personalize engagement on social.

Source: Salesforce

62%of social marketers say they can't measure ROI.

Source: Marketing Land

And connection is critical

When consumers feel connected to a brand, 76% will buy from it over a competitor and 57% will increase their spending with that brand.

Source: Brands Get Real

Crack the social code with Sprout

Sprout’s publishing, engagement and analytics solutions equip and empower tech companies to rise to those challenges and exceed their social goals at every stage.

Streamline to save time

Equipped with simplified scheduling and publishing workflows, your team has more time to create compelling content that inspires your audience.

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78.4% YoY increase in social engagements with Sprout

“At any given time, I can tell you what type of content is performing best on our different channels. From scheduling content to reporting on how it performs, it saves so much time.”

Shelby Khan Social Media Manager at Cloudera

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See beyond the sale

Armed with a deep understanding of your audience, you can provide personalized experiences that build relationships and cultivate loyal communities.

Make an impact

Create content that resonates with your audience using insights pulled from Sprout’s sentiment, competitor and industry reports.

Leave an impression

Inspire trust and loyalty by never missing a message in Sprout’s unified Smart Inbox.

Raise the bar

Personalize customer support and make faster response times the norm with Help Desk Integration.

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80% increase in customers helped on Twitter per week with Sprout

“I don’t have to open multiple social platforms and click around; I can get everything right there. Push one button, switch from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, get all the data that I need and create reports for teams very quickly.”

Melissa Santiago Senior Social Strategist at Evernote

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Find the numbers you need

Increased visibility into the data, insights and metrics that matter most can help make a stronger case for social by directly tying your team’s hard work to business results.

Connect the dots

Inform strategic marketing decisions with paid and organic social performance data from Sprout’s cross-channel reporting features.

Make a case

Demonstrate the business value of social to key stakeholders with tailored, presentation-ready reports.

Gain an advantage

Gather intel by observing trends and gaps in the industry with easy access to competitor reports and industry insights.

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Upgrade your social strategy

We look forward to showing you how our platform allows you to optimize the social planning, execution and measurement initiatives that matter most to your brand.

Schedule a demo to:

  • Have a brief conversation to assess what Sprout can do to help your social strategy.

  • Get a live product tour with insight into how to get the most benefit from Sprout.

  • Discuss social KPIs to determine the best path forward for your business.

  • See the power of our tools firsthand with no commitment required.

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