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Handle your business with care

Exceed your customers’ expectations and deliver responsive, tailored experiences on their communication channel of choice: social media.

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Care on social isn't optional

Social is consumers' preferred channel for voicing concerns outside of in-person interactions.

Expectations are high

80% of customers say instant responses would increase their loyalty to a brand.

But brands face obstacles

Lack of time and limited resources lead to missed messages, slow response times and inadequate replies.

Care with confidence

Sprout Social empowers teams to provide the kind of proactive, personalized social customer care that creates real connection.

See Sprout's Engagement Features

See Sprout’s Engagement Features


Tools to deliver relationship-building service

Tools to deliver relationship-building service

Learn about response management
Learn about social CRM

See how Tuft & Needle uses Sprout's customer care tools to build relationships with their customers.

See how Tuft & Needle uses Sprout's customer care tools to build relationships with their customers.

Having a solution like Sprout allows us to keep up with our customers and know exactly where we stand with them at all times, and be able to come in, resolve problems and engage positively.
Aaron Bata , Head of Customer Experience at Tuft & Needle
Turn buyers into brand champions

Spend less time catching up and more time giving your audience what it wants: transparent, authentic, personalized experiences.

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