Automated social media monitoring for organizations of all shapes & sizes.

Sprout's social media monitoring tools are the most efficient way to ensure that you never miss a social message that matters to your business.

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Social Monitoring & Analytics

Track your performance across top social channels & monitor trends, incoming messages & influencers to better understand of your audience.

Brand Keyword Tracking

Configure brand keywords using Twitter search operators to filter out irrelevant messages and zero in on the keyword matches that are most relevant.

Take Action as a Team

Designate tasks by assigning team members to reply to messages and track progress in real time with the one of a kind Smart Inbox.

Sprout has monitoring features you won't find anywhere else.

Sprout Social — Social Media Management Software

The Smart Inbox

No more distracting columns. Focus on what's important with messages & alerts across all your profiles, in a single, highly filterable stream.

The Trends Report

Our proprietary Trends Report shows the hashtags, topics, terms and users that are trending across your Twitter profiles' mentions and replies.

Beyond Brand Mentions

Save customized searches to monitor brand mentions not directly linked to your @handles or Facebook pages to expand your monitoring reach.

More than 17,000 customers rely on Sprout's social media monitoring tools.

Sprout processes tens of millions of social media interactions daily and is a leading social platform for business.

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