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Talk with, not at your customers

Other tools are great for pushing content. Sprout takes a different approach with a unique set of tools for fostering meaningful social interactions between brands & fans.

Consolidate your workflow

Log in, log out, log in again. Not anymore. All your profiles are right here with analytics, publishing & more across all of them, from a single dashboard.

Make social a team effort

The greater the inquiry volume, the more coordination needed. Sprout includes seamless multi-user account management features like permissions, tasks & more.

What makes Sprout Social the best tool for social media management?

Sprout Social — Social Media Management Software

One of a Kind Reports

In addition to reports on connected Twitter and Facebook profiles, Sprout has specialty reports that surface trends, influence and user performance.

A Robust Publishing Suite

Only Sprout combines cross-platform publishing, drafting, queueing, collaborative scheduling, send-time optimization & automation.

Live Team Activity Updates

See when team members are active & see in real-time when they are responding to the same message, preventing duplicate responses.

More than 17,000 customers rely on Sprout for social media management.

Sprout processes millions of social interactions daily and is a leading social management platform for business.

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