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  • Unified Smart Inbox to streamline engagement.
  • Social CRM tools including shared customer records.
  • Advanced scheduling tools including ViralPost™.
  • Sophisticated analytics and unlimited custom reports.
  • Customer support features like tasks and Helpdesk.
  • Team collaboration tools including live activity updates.

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Get deeper, more advanced analytics with Sprout.

Sprout Social — Social Media Management Software

The Engagement Report

Sprout’s unique report analyzes incoming messages to identify those that require a response and tracks how efficiently you respond.

Competitive Analytics

Evaluate your growth, engagement and influence scores to quickly gauge how well you’re interacting with your audience compared to the competition.

The Team Report

See how efficiently users in your account are operating to gain valuable insight into where your biggest opportunities are for improvement.

Join more than 17,000 of the world’s leading social brands.

Sprout processes tens of millions of Twitter interactions daily and is a leading social platform for business.