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VIRALPOST® & Optimal Send Times

Integrated with Sprout Queue, ViralPost® is a proprietary technology that determines optimal post times for content to maximize engagement.

Effortless Automated Scheduling

View top hashtags, terms, & users most often associated with your profiles and track them over time.

Built-In BIT.LY Integration

Connect your existing account or take advantage of Sprout’s built-in integration for access to click data—in aggregate and on individual posts.

Social Publishing Tools that Save Time & Boost Engagement

Sprout Social — Social Media Planning Calendar

Create & Collaborate On Drafts

Sprout’s drafts are designed to be versatile—jot down an idea for a post, save a message for approval or create content for collaboration and peer review.

Automate Posts Via RSS Feeds

Connect an RSS feed and set up a defined schedule to auto-Tweet new content from trusted publishing sources, like a company or industry blog.

Shared Team Content Calendar

Get a comprehensive view of scheduled messages across your entire team. Review posts, make changes to the existing schedule and add content.

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